Question of the month: With the holiday season quickly approaching, what is your best homemade gift idea?

Last month I asked the Kitchen PLAY network of bloggers to share their best ideas for homemade gifts this holiday season. Here are the creative inspirations they shared:

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I’m not the most organized person and frequently find myself scrambling for hostess gifts, last minute neighbor gifts and teacher gifts.  This year, however, I’ve planned ahead and put together 20 bottles of Homemade Vanilla Extract!  The bottles have been "brewing" with Tahitian Vanilla Beans since mid-September, and with the addition of a pretty ribbon and a festive label I will be ready for holiday gift giving with no last minute rush! –Kim from Liv Life



My BEST homemade gift idea is truffles! There is nothing that elicits oohs and ahhs like homemade good-quality-chocolate truffles, and they’re so easy, especially if you skip the dipping and simply roll balls of ganache in pretty, colorful coatings, like sparkly sugar, jimmies, chopped nuts, and even crushed coffee beans. Put your truffles in paper cups and tuck them into a pretty box with a pretty ribbon, and then sit back and watch the delight! –Jill from Jill Hough


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I’m looking forward to giving homemade pancake mix. I plan to make fun variations like pumpkin spice and oatmeal raisin and pack them in sweet hand-labeled jars, to be given along with little molds (like this one) that make pancakes with holes in the middle so you can stack them and fill with syrup or compote. I hope to also find some cool local syrups from our farmer’s market to round out the gift! –Kristina from Knuckle Salad


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My best "homemade" gift ideas are jars of my Kaia’s Dreamy Craisin, Raisin and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies mix and my boyfriend’s Smoked Salmon that he catches, brines, smokes and packages himself. –Jenn from My Kitchen Kreations To You

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