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    Google uses a variety of tools to determine site relevance when someone does a keyword search. One of those criteria is your site PageRank, a technology that determines the importance of a web page by looking at what other pages link to it. It’s not just about the number of those links but the value of them…a higher ranked site linking to your site will increase your relevance compared to another almost equal site with the same number of links but with less valuable sites linking to it.

    That being said, I don’t think it’s wise to place undue value on this part of the overall algorithm as this is simply one part of what Google uses to determine site value. Relevant content and attention to basic SEO including Title and Description are more important in my mind…those are what display in Google’s listing!

    And BTW…I just used two different page ranking tools on my site for comparison and I was in the bottom third of sites with one tool and in the top ten percent with another. How valuable can that information be for me…or anyone for that matter?

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